How to use a blender to grind dry grain

Generally, a blender usually comes with 2 to 3 blenders for convenience – one of which is a small grinder for use in dry grits such as pepper, coffee, and cereals. … So how to use the blender to dry the most effective way, you can find out:
Manual blender for dry granulation
Blender is also known as a more versatile grinder. Depending on the line that will come with different millers. There is a blender with 2 blenders and a blender or a blender with a blender, but it is equipped with a chopper and a full dry grinder.
To use a dry grinder with a multi-purpose grinder, you should choose a dry grinder because the blade is more specialized, increases the efficiency and shortens the grinding time. In addition, the use of the right food with each type of mill will avoid the hint or the smell for later. For example, the blender should only be used to grind fruits, vegetables, and for dried food such as pepper, coffee, cereal should be grinded separately.
The mill is quite small (usually between 0.2 and 0.3 liters). The use of blenders to dry grain is quite simple, here are the steps:
Step 1: Add dried food (pepper, chilli, beans) to the small mill.
Step 2: Select the straight blade (dry grind) in the blender jar.
Step 3: Place the mortar on the body.
Step 4: Plug in power, press button to mix 5 to 7 times, each time from 3 to 5 seconds.
Step 5: Press the desired speed button.
Step 6: When the grinding process is done, the finished product is successful. And after finishing press 0 to turn off the machine, unplug it.
Because the capacity of the dry mill is quite small, you should only give the average maximum of 50g / milling. Do not tuck too full of food in the mortar, the same should only be half a half off half offline! If you want to grind large quantities of it must split up many new grinding to ensure the effectiveness and durability of the machine.
No more than 60 seconds. Should rest for about 2 minutes and then continue to operate. As long as the blender is too long, it means overloading the machine will cause overload. And to ensure safety, the machine will automatically stop working for a while, this will help the engine does not burn, damaged. Therefore, you need to limit the amount of grinding in a single grinder, which requires grinding – cycle time from 60 seconds – 2 minutes.

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