[NEWEST] Just a mom who raise a marine face mask

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My mother is nearly 45 years old this year, her head hair has begun to have silver hair. Every time I sat next to my mother, I told her to spit those hairs. People told me that it was a sign of old age. And I don’t want my mother to grow old. Mother’s face is round, her skin is darkened by tan. All day my mother works in the field from dawn to dusk so she is not white like many others. But I still like to touch my mother when I sleep. Because I recognize my mother’s hardships. My mother’s eyes are so gentle, she laughs but her eyes know how to smile. She cares for the sisters very carefully, every morning she prepares delicious rice for me and Dad to eat. Mom said breakfast was the most important, so she didn’t skip meals. When we went to school, Mom did not forget to prepare the mask as well as drinking water into her pocket. Mother is always such thoughtful woman. Every time my sisters go to school, my mother stays at home to clean up, she works both at the field and at home, but she never complains of being tired. Mother said that the mother, the wife needs to be sure to be loved by many people.

The idea to make this product ?

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