[NEWEST] My favorite Airman calls me mom face mask

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Mother is not only a gentle and tolerant mother but also an exemplary and thoughtful wife. Dad often goes away to work, but his mother always graciously calls for care, occasionally reminds him to stay healthy, to worry about everything in the house to be complete, not to bother him. Mom always told me to be docile, try not to disturb dad lest dad be bothered, not assured to work. She tries to take care of her sisters fully, not too luxuriously but with friends. For neighbors, the mother is a kind and gentle person, always willing to help when people need it. Once, the old lady was ill, had no children to take care of her. She was not afraid to work hard. Every day she came to take care of rice and washing water, as for relatives. If she is busy, she will tell her sisters to help her. Everyone around her loves her mother.

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