[NEWEST] Pitbull six feet people face mask

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The Pitbull breed, or full name American Pit Bull Terrier, is a breed that was widely bred and raised in the United States in the early 19th century. The bull-bear baiting bullbull dogs will fight with a cow or a big bear until either of them is no longer able to fight. This is also the origin of their Pitbull name. By 1935, such games were considered inhumane and were completely banned by animal protection laws in the US as well as in the West. When Pitbull dogs are no longer allowed to train to fight, people begin to tame the aggressive nature of pitbulls and raise them indoors as pets. Pitbull quickly adapts and shows loyalty, agility and exceptionally gentle, close to children. That is why in America, the pitbull dog is also known as the babysitter. In addition, with his extraordinary health, loyalty, perseverance and courage, Pitbull is also trained for dog competitions that require health and agility.

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