[NEWEST] Yes i am the crazy cat lady face mask

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The British long-haired cat has iridescent fur and a stocky body, from the UK. The head of this long-haired cat is round with bright, large eyes and short ears. The Scottish Fold cat of Scotland has a very special ears with folds. This cat has big round eyes, filled with loving sweetness; The hairs grow steadily around the mouth and the nose is slightly upturned. Their legs are short but strong. The most striking feature of this cat is its long, thick fur that is impressive. When born, the Scottish Fold cat also has straight ears but after about 3, 4 weeks of age, the folds appear to make the ears go down. Persian cats are one of the most popular shaggy cats in the world. Their characteristic is a very short nose bridge, so it is often called cat face. They have a strong body, big head, expressive eyes.

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