[Great] You are my fire shirt


They will be in another person’s hands inside a couple of days and they will simply think they got it off a mate so I estimate cutting the head off of non muslims and beating ladies and kids is viewed as pleasant huh? To state that just non-muslims treat each other awful is insensible! You are my fire shirt All religions have their great and awful individuals!

You are my fire shirt

You are my fire sweatshirt

You are my flame shirt Pretty sure you dont like it when individuals state what I did about muslims, dont bunch every single other religion and awful in the event that you dont as it done to you I hauled over the transport escaped the transport and defied the rider on my bike.I removed the bicycle from him and hurled it in the indirect access of the bus.I gave the person a ride to where he was going in the transport and returned home with my bicycle. While watching this video In my vehicle at fuel station, I see my 125cc sulked which got stolen 2 days back on same fuel station.

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