Lovely I know you are not technically my mom shirt

In the event that you were in Mauritania, at that point you most likely realize we call ourselves “Lbidan”, and Lbidan originate from Mauritania and different districts in close nations… being one of Lbidan I know you are not technically my mom shirt, I unquestionably realize this has been a piece of our way of life since along time prior, we even used to have a convention called “Lblouh” where they would drive adolescent young ladies to a high calories diet to make them look “fat and delightful” you may ask your significant other or any other person, I realize you are not actually my mother shirt but rather I originate from that culture and I comprehend it absolutely better then an outsider not exactly as much as in the days of yore, as our general public gets increasingly more affected by the media and “the western culture” young fellows today are moving far from the customary however of fat=beautiful, the most ideal approach to comprehend this is to go all through Mauritania, I think you’ll see contrasts between huge urban communities and communities individuals’ thoughts

I know you are not technically my mom shirt

I know you are not technically my mom sweatshirt

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