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The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar uncovers that Scar was at one time the pioneer of the main gathering and once had the Roar of the Elders.Christmas the Lion King characters shirt  Scar lost the Roar subsequent to utilizing it to obliterate different individuals from his Lion Guard, as the Roar is intended to be utilized for good and not insidious. In season 2 of The Lion Guard, Kion accidentally request Scar back as a blazing soul in a spring of gushing lava subsequent to utilizing the Roar severely when Janja the hyena incites him.

Christmas the Lion King characters shirt

Scar at that point plots with the creatures in the Outlands to assume control over the Pride Lands and annihilation the new Lion Guard and Simba, who were at first unconscious that Scar had returned. Later in the season, Kion and the watchman discover that Scar has returned, while they are in the Outlands getting volcanic debris expected to fix Simba from a scorpion sting. In the season 3 debut Battle for the Pride Lands, Scar keeps on fighting the Lion Guard, who are presently young people. Toward the finish of Battle for the Pride Lands, Kion gathers the Great Kings of the Past to rain upon Scar, hence obliterating him for the last time.

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