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Kaw Point is the name given to where the Kansas River (otherwise known as Kaw River) ends at the Missouri River in the West Bottoms zone of Kansas City, Kansas. Ka Kaw St.Louis logo shirt  Kaw Point is likewise where the Missouri stops its southerly course and goes to stream commonly east through the province of Missouri to the Mississippi River at St. Louis. Kaw Point, situated in Kansas City, Kansas was a piece of the land initially guaranteed by Spain, at that point by France, until at last the United States got it as a component of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

Ka Kaw St.Louis logo shirt

The Lewis and Clark campaign party stayed outdoors at Kaw Point June 26 – 28, 1804, on their way from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. Commander William Clark composed on June 27, 1804, that “the Countrey [sic] about the mouth of this waterway is verry [sic] fine.” The endeavor’s diaries additionally noticed that the area would be suitable for a post, and that the region abounded with deer, elk, wild ox, bear, and many “Parrot queets”, the now wiped out Carolina parakeet. It is the first explanation behind the area of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Lewis likewise saw that the water in the Missouri was muddier than the water from the Kaw. At 94 degrees 36 minutes west longitude, Kaw Point was the reason for the territory of Missouri’s western outskirt from Iowa to Arkansas when it turned into a state in 1821.

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