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also participate in shows and demonstrations for the public at the facility they work for, whether these are educational events or simple entertainment. Successful marine mammal trainers usually have some combination of formal education and hands-on training in the field. Marine mammal trainer wages can vary widely depending on the duties of each specific job, but an average range of $30,000 to $40,000 per year is possible. Mary Hope Kramer is a former writer for the The Balance Careers covering animal-related jobs. She works in the equine industry and has a passion for careers in the animal industry. You’re never too young to start helping reduce the amount of pollution in the ocean. Knowledge is power, and the more people that are aware of the problem the more likely we are to institute real change. Seals and Sea Lions all around the world are declining at rapid rates, and one large contributor to declining populations is pollution. Plastic packing bands are often cited as strangling seals and sea lions. Are

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