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high levels of oxygen. In this way, we could mimic the real condition these animals experience in the environment. Scientists have often studied the effect of temperature on the physiological response of marine animals. But, until now, the role of the oxygen produced by organism such as plants, algae and corals has been overlooked. Most of the heat from global warming has gone into the oceans, so it is no wonder that the seas are experiencing massive heatwaves too. What’s more, climate change is causing a fall in global ocean oxygen levels. The OIE provides international Standards for the improvement of aquatic animal health worldwide. Recommendations published in the OIE Aquatic Code should be used by the Competent Authorities of importing and exporting countries for early detection, reporting and control of pathogenic agents in aquatic animals and to prevent their spread via international trade in aquatic animals and their products, while avoiding unjustified sanitary barriers to trade. The Aquatic Code also includes standards for the welfare of farmed fish, and the responsible and prudent use of antimicrobial agents in aquatic animals. To satisfy the growing global demand for aquatic food, by the year 2030, its global production will have to dou

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