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also very commonly attached to other, larger seaweeds such as kelp. Pink sea fans are formed from a colony of tiny anemone-like polyps and may be deep pink to white in colour. A fish-catching bird of prey, with long-wings, appearing white from below but with much black and brown patterning when seen up close. The nursehound, also known as the large-spotted dogfish, greater spotted dogfish, or bull huss, is a species of catshark. It has a robust body with a broad, rounded head and two dorsal fins placed far back. It has small black dots covering its back and sides, interspersed with brown spots of varying shapes. The underside is plain white. Prominent beak and high forehead, occasionally seen breaching out of the water. Transparent, umbrella-shaped bell edged with short hair-like tentacles, and four rings towards centre. Mostly harmless, though may sting sensitive skin. Very common, can bloom in large numbers when our chilly seas begin to warm up, or cool down. The long back is often raised above the water’s surface, while distinctive markings on the lower body are difficult to see. A slender bird, dark black/brown above and pale below. May follow hunting dolphin pods, picking up fish flushed to the surface. Large, reddish brown, umbrella-shaped bell with a mass of

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