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where the station service units are included in the total rated capacity. Maximum flow that can pass through the turbines at a dam. Also refers to the electrical capacity of the generators expressed in megawatts. Pollution. A resource that is out of place. Generally, the presence of matter or energy whose nature, location or quantity produces undesired environmental effects. Under the Clean Water Act, for example, the term is defined as the man-made or man-induced alteration of the physical, biological, and radiological integrity of water. Pollutant. Any inorganic or organic substance that contaminates air, water or soil. Generally, any substance introduced into the environment that adversely affects the usefulness of a resource. Piezometer. An instrument which measures pressure head or hydraulic pressures in a conduit or hydraulic pressures within the fill of an earth dam or the abutment; at the foundation because of seepage or soil compression; or on a flow surface of a spillway, gate, or valve. Phreatic surface. The free surface of water seeping at atmospheric pressure through soil or rock. Permeate. To penetrate and pass through, as water penetrates and passes through soil and other porous materials. Overflow spillway . A spillway that has

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