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dust that can even be harmful to your cat. Buying eco-friendly cat litter can eliminate the risk for your cat, and the ocean. And another important thing to remember is never flush your pet’s waste down the toilet! That leads it directly to the water. One of the simplest things the public can do is ask local grocery stores and restaurants if they sell sustainable seafood. If consumers make it known that sustainable food is what they are going to buy, eventually that is what stores will sell! Another easy thing to do is to download a sustainable seafood app! These interactive apps give you recommendations for places near you that serve sustainable food, search for seafood quickly by its common market name, and allow access to notes and reports on conservation. Don’t forget about your personal care items like toothpaste, face scrubs and other cosmetics. These all go down the drain, too! Use eco-friendly products when possible and avoid any products with microbeads, which are tiny plastic particles that end up as a bigmicroplastic problem in the ocean. cell concentrations, and the end of

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