New version skull american flag us lifeguard full over printed shirt

usually orange-pink in colour and covered in pale prickles. It lives beneath the waves, grazing on rocks and seaweed, but its test is a familiar sight in trinket shops. A bright blue float with thread-like tentacles belonging to a colony of jellyfish-like animals. Graceful, swallow-like seabird, with a bright red bill and black cap. It dives rapidly from the air to pluck small fish from near the surface. At 188 decibels, the calls of blue whales is the loudest sound made by any animal on the planet. edge of land along the sea or other large body of water. 1. Brainstorm the negative impact of humans on ocean life. Ship strikes are the leading culprit in the disappearance of the North Atlantic Right Whale. The Right Whale is only one of many marine mammal species that is at risk of being hit by high-speed ships. Over 90 manatees die prematurely due to ship strikes every year in Florida according to some researches. There’s enough plastic in the ocean to circle the Earth 400 times. China and Indonesia are the world’s biggest contributors of plastic pollution in the ocean. Combined, they account for one-third of

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