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family child care home, and is not the same as the child care health consultant recommended in Child Care Health Consultants, Standard The health advocate works with a child care health consultant on health and safety issues that arise in daily interactions . For small family child care homes, the health advocate will usually be the caregiver/teacher. If the health advocate is not the child’s caregiver/teacher, the health advocate should work with the child’s caregiver/teacher. The person who is most familiar with the child and the child’s family will recognize atypical behavior in the child and support effective communication with parents/guardians. The effectiveness of an intentionally designated health advocate in improving the quality of performance in a facility has been demonstrated in all types of early childhood settings . A designated caregiver/teacher with health training is effective in developing an ongoing relationship with the parents/guardians and a personal interest in the child . Caregivers/teachers who are better trained are more able to prevent, recognize, and correct health and safety problems. An internal advocate for issues related to health and safety can help integrate these concerns with other factors involved in formulating facility plans.Children may be current with required immunizations when they enroll, but they sometimes miss

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