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encephalitis have occurred in the United States and Canada . Children can develop allergic reactions to mosquito and fire ant bites and bee and wasp stings. Manufacturers of pesticides usually provide product warnings that exposure to these chemicals can be poisonous.Child care staff should ask to see the license of the pest management professional and should be certain that the individual who applies the toxic chemicals has personally been trained and preferably, individually licensed, i.e., not working in the capacity of a technician being supervised by a licensed pest management professional. In some states only the owner of a pest management company is required to have this training, and s/he may then employ unskilled workers. Child care staff should ensure that the pest management professional is familiar with the pesticide s/he is applying. Water supplied by a well or other private source should meet all applicable health and safety federal, state, tribal, and local public health standards and should be approved by the local regulatory health authority. Well water should be tested annually for pH and for bacteria, parasites, viruses, and chemical content (including, but not limited to, arsenic, radon, methyl tert-butyl ether, lead, nitrates, heavy metals, or other runoff chemicals) or

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