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overall impacts on ecosystems (Mateo-Sagasta et al. 2017). Salinization can affect freshwater biota (Mateo-Sagasta et al. 2017) by “causing changes within species and community composition” (Mateo-Sagasta et al. 2017) and results “in decline of the biodiversity of microorganisms, algae, plants and animals” (Lorenz 2014; Mateo-Sagasta et al. 2017). How else are we impacted? Well, apart from temperature what is also drastically affected is the level of precipitation in the air. From acid rain to severe hail storms or global warming – everything is fair game at present. This also spreads out into other areas with regards to subdivisions such as thermal and radioactive pollution. Contamination occurs by spilling and burying hazardous components in soil. So, we need to be watchful of how we process petroleum hydrocarbons, solvents, pesticides, heavy metals and lead. Litter in Earth’s water supply from consumer and commercial use creates a toxic environment. The water is ingested by deer, fish and a variety of other animals. The toxins may cause blood clotting, seizures or serious medical issues

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