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indirectly, as the result of a proposed human action. Also, the chapter in an environmental impact statement describing current environmental conditions. Adhesion. Shearing resistance between soil and another material under zero externally applied pressure. Activity. The ratio of the plasticity index to the percent by dry mass of soil particles finer than 0.002 mm in size. Active earth pressure. The minimum value of earth pressure. This condition exists when a soil mass is permitted to yield sufficiently to cause its internal shearing resistance along a potential failure surface to be completely mobilized. Acidic. The condition of water or soil which contains a sufficient amount of acid substances to lower the pH below 7.0. Acceleration. In terms of flow, acceleration is the time rate of change of the velocity vector, either of magnitude or direction or both. • Keep construction equipment off and do not drive or park over any part of your septic system. This can compact the soil and reduce absorption. Surface compaction can also prevent air from moving to the absorption system. Air is needed to keep the system aerobic. Furthermore, components of the system can be crushed. The new ultra low-

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