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form of scheduling. Deep percolation. The movement of water by gravity downward through the soil profile beyond the root zone; this water is not used by plants. Percolation of irrigation water past the plant root zone to regions of deeper ground-water aquifers. Dead capacity . The reservoir capacity from which stored water cannot be evacuated by gravity. DataWeb. DataWeb was changed to the Projects & Facilities database and contains historical, statistical, and technical information on the dams, powerplants and projects of the Bureau of Reclamation. Dam safety deficiency. A physical condition capable of causing the sudden uncontrollable release of reservoir water by partial or complete failure of a dam, appurtenant structure, or facility. Dam failure. Catastrophic type of failure characterized by the sudden, rapid, and uncontrolled release of impounded water. It is recognized that there are lesser degrees of failure and that any malfunction or abnormality outside the design assumptions and parameters which adversely affect a dam’s primary function of impounding water could be

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