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appropriate. Emergency Evacuation Zone I – The emergency evacuation zone immediately below a dam and located on both sides of the river or stream. Generally, it is recommended that this zone extend to a distance equivalent to a combination of floodwave travel time of 0-15 minutes and/or a warning time of 0-4 hours, whichever is most conservative. May be labeled as immediate response zone, evacuation zone I, evacuation zone A, or other appropriate name. Emergency evacuation zones. Geographical areas delineated in inundation areas downstream from a dam that define the potential area of impact and allow prioritizing evacuation activities based on proximity of the populations at risk to the hazard in terms of distance and floodwave travel times. Response Level III – The third, and most serious, response level the dam operating organization will declare after analyzing threatening events. Declaring Response Level III indicates that life-threatening flood waters, as a result of high operational releases or dam failure, present imminent danger to the public located

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