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Street, Putnam, CT This location will accept packing peanuts and regular Styrofoam (e.g. the solid, molded pieces of Styrofoam that comes with products like tools and appliances) as long as it is not contaminated. They will not accept used Styrofoam food or beverage containers. Lowe’s has a seasonal nursery pot take-back program. Contact your local Lowe’s storefor details before bringing them back. Prescription Medications and Over-the-Counter Products for guidance on proper disposal of these items. Infectious waste (i.e. body fluids or items dripping with body fluids, discarded sharps, BMW generated from research, etc.) – either by incineration, discharge to a sanitary sewer, treatment by steam sterilization or other alternative treatment technology. The remaining residue has been packaged to prevent leakage while the material is being transported to the disposal facility. In addition to recycling your batteries from hearing aids, you can also recycle the hearing aids themselves – regardless of how old they are or what kind of model including cochlear implants and analog hearing aids. Hearing aids will be refurbished or pieces will be used for parts. Hearing aids are collected by the Starkey Hearing Foundation “Hear Now” Program. Businesses should never put grease, oils or fats down the drain/sewer or in the trash. DEEP issued a new general permit in 2005 to prevent the discharge of fats, oils and grease from food preparation establishments to the sanitary sewer system. Learn more about FOG disposal and a FOG Model Program for businesses. Business must

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