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distribution and irrigation. Plunge pool. A natural or artifically created pool that dissipates the energy of free-falling water. Plasticity. The property of a soil or rock which allows it to be deformed beyond the point of recovery without cracking or appreciable volume change. Pipe trench. A temporary excavation in which pipe is placed and eventually covered with soil material. Piezometric surface. The surface at which water will stand in a series of piezometers. Pervious zone. A part of the cross section of an embankment damcomprising material of high permeability. Perennial yield. Maximum quantity of water that can be annually withdrawn from a ground water basin over a long period of time without developing an overdraft condition. Perched water table. Underground water lying over dry soil, and sealed from it by an impervious layer. A water table usually of limited area maintained above the normal free water elevation by the presence of an intervening relatively impervious confining stratum. Percolation. Downward movement of water through the soil profile or other porous media. Water

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