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properly so as to minimize danger to public health or risk of pollution to the environment. Chemical waste comprises substances specified under the Waste Disposal Regulation as posing a possible risk to health and/or the environment. Food waste is the major constituent of the municipal solid waste in Hong Kong. It comprises waste produced during food production, processing, wholesale, retail and preparation, as well as after meal leftovers and expired foods. It is highly degradable which can easily cause odour and hygiene problems. Municipal Solid Waste comprises solid waste from households, commercial and industrial sources. This excludes construction waste, chemical waste, clinical waste and other special waste. MSW is disposed of at landfills. program will help you to dispose of your computer in an environmentally friendly manner. Today – Directory of recycling services across the UK, categorized by types of waste. 100% of all IT equipment collected by means of materials reclamation and component reuse. polystyrene into PHA might also work for other plastics or even batches of mixed plastics, O’Connor says. your glass for those one-of-a-kind gift creations, like special herb blends, homemade bath salts or yours special scented lavender water. materials, but it also accepts donations of new materials as well. pet waste as well as how to make use of recyclable products for them. the materials back into their original form where they can be reused in

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