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atmosphere, condense and return to earth as precipitation. Hydrogeologic conditions. Conditions stemming from the interaction of ground water and the surrounding soil and rock. Hydroelectric unit . An electric generator and turbine combination which is driven by water flow, thereby converting mechanical energy to electric energy. Hydraulic grade line . The hydraulic grade line lies below the energy grade line by an amount equal to the velocity head at the section. The two lines are parallel for all sections of equal cross sectional area. The distance between the pipe centerline and the hydraulic grade line is the pressure head, or piezometric height, at the section. The line showing the pressure head, or piezometric height, at any point in a pipe. The slope of the hydraulic grade line is known as the hydraulic gradient. The hydraulic gradient is the slope of the water surface in an open channel. Homogeneous earthfill dam. An embankment dam construction throughout of more or less uniform earth materials, except for possible inclusion of internal drains or blanket drains. Used to differentiate it from a zoned earthfill dam. An embankment type dam constructed of only one type of material. \

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