New version vintage your mind is a garden your thoughts are the seeds you can grown flowers poster

waste disposal in which refuse is buried between layers of soil, a method often used to reclaim low-lying ground; the word is sometimes used as a noun to refer to the waste itself. ISO The international standard for companies seeking to certify their environmental management system. International Organisation for Standardisation standard was first published in 1996 specifying the requirements for an environmental management system in organization with the goal of minimizing harmful effects on the environment and the goal of continual improvement of environmental performance. integrated product life-cycle management – management of all phases of goods and services to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. hydrocarbons – chemicals made up of carbon and hydrogen that are found in raw materials such as petroleum, coal and natural gas, and derived products such as plastics. household metabolism – the passage of food, energy, water, goods, and waste through the household unit in a

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