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facilities are built by users primarily for their own energy needs. Other NUG plants are built specifically to sell power to utilities under long-term contracts. In the last five years, more than 50 percent of new generation capacity has been constructed by non-utility generators. Net capability. The maximum load-carrying ability of the equipment, exclusive of station use, under specified conditions for a given time interval, independent of the characteristics of the load. Capability is determined by design characteristics, physical conditions, adequacy of prime mover, energy supply, and operating limitations such as cooling and circulating water supply and temperature, headwater and tailwater elevations, and electrical use. National Water Quality Assessment Program. Describes current water quality conditions for a large part of the United States freshwater stream, rivers, and aquifers. Describes how water quality is changing over time. Improves understanding of the primary natural and human factors that affect water quality conditions. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System . A permitting program under section 402 of the Clean Water Act required for all point \

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