Under Your Scars Godsmack Lyrics Poster


Under Your Scars Godsmack Lyrics Poster


Under Your Scars Godsmack Lyrics Poster

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I am in Santa Ana and could definitely use some help with my dog. He goes after the cat. He already got his eye scratched. He also pulls in the leash to get at other dogs I live on the coast of Oregon in Bandon and the Aussie I have was abandoned with me 9 months ago. The owner didn’t socialize him and he’s better off with me because he’s terrified of people and the vets. He’s terrified of being indoors and I can’t socialize him with dogs or people. He’s strictly outdoors. I think he is not trainable because he’s six years old but smart. We have two six year old papillons who will not leave our two cats alone (the cats are three times their size). They chase and bark at them all the time. I’ve tried everything to get them to stop. My Siam cat Hannibal is 16 years old and I’m afraid they’re going to give him a stroke. I’m in Washington State but I’d love any advice you can give me. I swear I’ve tried everything! They’ve been around cats since they were born. The breeder had Sphinx cats – guess maybe they didn’t know those were cats! It doesn’t help that my husband doesn’t scold them when they do it.

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