What the fucculent phone case

What the fucculent phone case

What the fucculent phone case x

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The many times we have spent the night on the floor of airports. JFK for one- right next to a pile of toenails. Just a special memory. we spent the night on the airport floor in Lisbon, Portugal. Bright lights in your eyes all night. Not the greatest memory but a travel memory nevertheless! So miss traveling  We were in Florence and went to the Accademia Gallery to see the David. At closing time we were ushered to the exit through the gift shop with a very stern lady hastening us along. Don’t mess with her at closing time! I then realized my expensive sunglasses (why did I bring them?) were missing. I asked the stern lady where I could place a request for them to look out for them and to our astonishment she insisted my husband and I go back into the gallery to look for them! Richard and I had the surreal experience of being alone with the famous statue and running around like kids for those 10 minutes until we gave up empty handed. They were so gracious and we have a great memory! Almost got thrown off a train in Austria because we didnt realize we didn’t actually buy tickets, we had only bought seat reservations (what kind of website allows you to purchase seat reservations without having tickets first?!) When the conductor came to check our tickets we realized we didnt have any. There was a language gap and he was very angry at us, but we were able to pay right there and go on our way.

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